Like every year, the Dutch (and worldwide) grinders come together to Eindhoven Rock City, to the legendary Dynamo club to worship the most extreme and vile styles of music. Rejoice in grindcore, power violence, crust, punk, death metal and trash. After the unveiling of the first name, a new list of awesome brutal names is now bestowed upon the disease ridden minds of the depraved. Prepare for a new festival of annihilation on October 11/12, the apocalypse has begun!

Friday 11 october:
Nausea, Blockheads, Gadget, Hellshock, Lycantrophy, Matka Teresa
The Afternoon Gentlemen, Dead In The Dirt, Merciless Presicion, Abjured
Slavebreed, Radio Bikini, Warfuck, Unrest, Blood I Bleed

Saturday 12 october:
Evisorax, Extreme Noise Terror, Buiten Gebruik, Bloody Phoenix, Planks
Chapel Of Disease, Cold World, Abadon Incarnate, Geriatric Unit, Human Error
Deathrite, Shoot The Bastard, Speedwolf, Anatomia, Undergang, Suffering Quota
The Secret, Gente Art Of Chocking, The Shining

This is not the running order, the running order wil be announced a few weeks prior to the festival.
This is just the days schedule.