dynamometalfest2016Dynamo Metalfest has confirmed that the 2016 festival headliner will be Anthrax. The thrash legends will join Metal Church, Life of Agony, At the Gates, Sacred Reich, Powerwolf and Audrey Horne who have already been announced for the Dutch festival on July 16.

“We actually have multiple headliners,” says organizer Sander Waterschoot. “Metal Church, Life of Agony, At the Gates and Sacred Reich could all headline the festival. We believe in a broad programming with something for everyone, rather than in a traditional programming with a big headliner. Now everyone can choose his or her own favourite”.

The American band Anthrax is often mentioned in the same breath as their contemporaries Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth – “The Big Four”. With the latest album For all Kings, Anthrax prove that they still count even thirty years after first forming. For Anthrax, melody and tight riffs go hand in hand; nowhere more so than on the classics I’m The Law, Indians and Caught In A Mosh. These songs – along with tracks from For All Kings – will get metal fans moshing at the ice rink!

Besides the seven names already announced for Dynamo, there will be more announcements to come, including the winner of a regional Battle of the Bands competition who will open the festival. Last year, Facelifter won the opening slot and have since gone on to play some key showcase gigs across Belgium and The Netherlands.

Early bird tickets were put on sale with the first announcement of Sacred Reich and snapped up within hours. Ticket sales have continued steadily and the second edition of Dynamo Metalfest is expected to be a sell out once again.

Tickets are available online through Ticketmaster and you can get physical tickets at the Dynamo venue during office hours.