Eerder kwam het possitieve bericht dat Floor Jansen Pagan’s Mind zou gaan vergezellen on stage bij hun set in de Melkweg (Amsterdam)
Vandaag verscheen helaas het volgende bericht op de facebook pagina van Floor zelf. Dit is wat zij erover zegt:

I won’t join Pagan’s Mind on stage tomorrow!!!:
Dear all, my enthusiasm and love for music and performing made me a think I was doing better than I actually am. I’m still in the process of recovery which means I move steps forward, but also back sometimes. Forward was when I went to Sao Paulo to join Mayan on stage there. Backwards is now… My body told me to slow down and I must obey… I didn’…t do that in the past and that brought me to this burn out. I am sorry the consequence is that I cannot join my friends from Pagan’s Mind on stage coming Friday at Melkweg, Amsterdam. I am sure they will make an amazing concert and that you will have a great evening with superb music and musicians. I hope to join them another time when my health allows it again!!! I will take it easy ones more for now and make sure that I can start 2012 well!!!

All the best,    Floor