“The music of Irfan is an invitation for a mystical trip in and beyond time… A poetic message in the language of the heart.”

An original electro-acoustic World Fusion influenced by the sacred and folk music traditions of Bulgaria, the Balkans, Persia, the Middle East, North Africa and India, as well as by the musical and spiritual heritage of Byzantium and Medieval Europe. The integrity of Irfan’s sound bears the depths of an audio-archeology that explores the lost prehistoric universal human musical heritage within the layers of time. IRFAN is known for its extensive use of ethereal and mystic female vocals in addition to strong male vocals and choirs in combination with an assortment of traditional Bulgarian, Balkan, Oriental, Persian and Indian string, wind, key and percussive instruments woven into a delicate ambient electronic sound. The band’s name is borrowed from the Sufi’s terminology and means “gnosis”, “secret knowledge” or “revelation”.

In the Spring of 2015 IRFAN is returning with the long awaited new album and even more beautiful and profound music.

Wanneer: Vrijdag 20 november
20:30 uur: deuren open
21:00 uur: aanvang

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