Ten things you should know about Peter Pan Speedrock (PPSR):

1. If you don’t like rock & roll, you’re lost.
2. PPSR shared vinyl with the likes of Gluecifer, Danko Jones, Zeke and Batmobile.
3. PPSR shared stages with the likes of Motörhead, Nashville Pussy and Turbonegro.
4. PPSR are the instigators of Speedfest, the best annual hard rock & roll gathering in the Lowlands.
5. PPSR singles, 10-inches, split platters and albums are produced by the likes of Kurt Bloch and Tomas Skogsberg, released on loud labels such as Suburban, Bitzcore and People Like You.
6. PPSR must be experienced live to get the full sonic assault.
7. PPSR have toured extensively all over Europe, in North-America and even made it Down Under.
8. PPSR’s three offenders each received a Little Devil, the award for best Dutch musician, chosen by fellow musicians.
9. PPSR hold the record for bar revenue in many of the clubs they played.
10. Good music is good drinking!

Wanneer: zaterdag 21 januari
Waar: W2 Den Bosch
Deuren open: 20:00 uur

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