Let op! De show die Lola Angst zaterdag a.s. zou geven in de W2 in Den Bosch is afgelast. Nadat de band de vorige keer het al heeft laten afweten door medische gronden werd vandaag een soortgelijk bericht afgegeven voor de komende show.

Hieronder het formele bericht van de band:

i’m afraid, we’re not really lucky with our cooperation by now! I’ve got a sore throat (Angina tonsillaris)  since a few days. Quite painful, but thought of an ordinary cold in the beginning, so i’ve been partying in a few clubs these days  with singer Goldmann and now since yesterday evening he has a sore throat too. No chance for a show the next two weeks. We just met and there’s a definite “no”. Anything else would endanger the voice in general and some other medical stuff i already forgot again.
I  can send you the sick note(s) to state that information.