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Airbag, Evergrey, Cane Hill, Wage War en Thrown overtreffen code geel

door Maurice van der Zalm
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Na het nodige solowerk van Bjorn Riis is het eindelijk weer tijd voor een nieuw album van Airbag. The Century Of The Self is vanaf 14 juni beschikbaar via Karisma Records.

Wage War

Wage War is intussen klaar voor het vijfde album Stigma dat een week later op 21 juni uitkomt via Fearless Records. Afgelopen maand zette de band de video bij Magnetic online. En nu krijg je de nieuwe video bij Nail5. 

‘NAIL5’ is a tribute to our fifth album and continuing to push the envelope in every way, and in this instance, the heavy side,” the band says. “We took the elements that we loved from our past discography and turned it all the way up. The message: You’re either in or you’re in the way.


Een band die al meer dan 30 jaar luisteraars in vervoering brengt is Evergrey. Het veertiende album Theories Of Emptiness komt via Napalm Records op 7 juni op de markt. De nieuwe single Falling From The Sun is gelinkt aan de single Ominous van het album A Heartless Portreit (The Orphean Testament).

EVERGREY on “Falling From the Sun”: 
“‘Falling From the Sun’ is an explosive song that represents everything we are about, not only for this album, but also brings the energy that you would expect from a great new EVERGREY song. It has the riff, it has the pounding drums, the bombast, and an unforgettable hook that we are very proud to have written. Now we just want you to be devoured by the splendor of the full album as soon as possible, but let’s start with ‘Falling From the Sun’; we believe it will last you a lifetime and easily hold you over until it is time for the next single and video. We spent what feels like a Hollywood budget on the pyrotechnics used in this video as we felt that represented everything we felt the most – having those fireworks rain down on us made us feel like real rockstars for a while and the song itself feels like a rockstar on its own! We can’t wait to see what you think and feel when you see this!”

Cane Hill

Zanger Elijah Witt:  “The Midnight Sun is about many different things, but most importantly, it’s about returning to who we really are. It was the first song we wrote when we finally sat down to do an LP, and I think you can hear the profound resolution in our souls when you listen to it.” 


Thrown komt uit Zweden en de nieuwe single Nights slaat weer in als een bom. De vorige singles Backfire, Guilt en On The Verge werden al massaal gestreamd.

28 juni zijn ze te zien op Jera On Air

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