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Een boeketje video’s voor de metalmama

door Maurice van der Zalm
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Toen de trein van Our Hollow Our Home in 2023 tot stilstand komt, stapt onverwacht bijna de gehele bezetting uit en laten machinist Tobias alleen achter. Gelukkig wist hij de trein weer te vullen en na de single Downpour is het nu de beurt aan de nieuwe single Veil Walker.

Zanger Gaz King zegt: “Lyrically, ‘Veil Walker‘ is an opportunity to say goodbye to my sister Yasmin, who died of cancer back in 2020. This was just a few days before the pandemic started, and the absolute unthinkable happened. Mandatory isolation nationwide meant only those in the closest circle of loved ones could attend funerals, and as a further injustice, loved ones couldn’t comfort each other like they’re meant to during such emotional times. I was living in Glasgow at the time, which meant I wasn’t able to travel to attend the funeral; I didn’t get to carry her casket alongside my family. I didn’t get to really say goodbye. However, I have taken great solace knowing I was able to be with her in her most final moments.

Our Hollow, Our Home, has never been a band that shy away from talking about grief, and just like those other songs before ‘Veil Walker‘,  we dedicated it to everyone who has had to watch their loved one suffer while the world stood still.”

Noorse progressieve rock van het hoogste niveau. Dat is waar Airbag voor staat. Het nieuwe album The Century Of The Self komt op 14 juni uit via Karisma Records. Er is een tweede single van het album afgetrokken met de titel Awakening.

Awakening is one of those songs that reflects on the band’s past, with strong ties to albums like “Identity” and “All Rights Removed”, while at the same time venturing into new sonics and production. Lyrically, Awakening is a message of hope in a time where we seem to stray away from caring for each other and allowing social media to create a destructive diversion.”

1 en 2 november kun je de band live zien in respectievelijk de Cacaofabriek in Helmond en de Boerderij in Zoetermeer.

Ozul brengt zijn nieuwe single How Could I uit. Het is afkomstig van het conceptalbum Man On The Shore.

Say is de nieuwe single van Evergrey. 7 juni komt het nieuwe album Theories Of Emptiness uit via Napalm Records.

“’Say’ is one of those songs that immediately when we wrote the chorus we knew that it would be an awesome single. It will simply kill live and is a very worthy follow-up to the success of ‘Falling From the Sun’. Regarding the end of the video there will of course be questions, a lot of questions, we have the answers.”

Over het nieuwe album zegt Tom Englund:        
“Our new album is soon to be yours! We can’t wait for that to happen, there are so many new and refreshing elements on it as well as respect paid to every part of our past. We have just refined what we always have done and tried to make it as contemporary as we possibly could to please ourselves and our sonic expectations. With the presence of Adam ”Nolly” Getgood, we felt fired up, hungry and eager to do our utmost to ensure that we would write the best songs we possibly could – I really feel we have achieved that. Sound quality wise we feel that it is on par with the best the world has to offer today. It is a brave statement that I will stand behind for the rest of my life. Taking EVERGREY into a new cycle feels just as when I did it the first time. We are more motivated than ever, and with a lot of touring to be announced very soon, we cannot wait to come and play this new music for you.
Finally, we need to mention that we couldn’t be prouder to announce our guest vocalist for this album. Jonas Renkse has graced KATATONIA’s music with his unique atmosphere for decades. Now we in the band and the fans of EVERGREY get to experience the same and we couldn’t be more excited! You might even get to hear Jonas growl for maybe the first time in many years…
Much love, Tom”

56 jaar jong is Deep Purple ondertussen en nog altijd gaat de band onvermoeibaar door. De successen uit het verleden zijn bekend en voor mij zijn deze heren de grondleggers van de heavy metal. Dat je na 56 jaar nog steeds nieuw werk aflevert is al een prestatie, maar dat ze ook nog eens een dijk van een nieuwe single maken is onvoorstelbaar goed. Portable Door heet de single en laat de concurrentie horen dat DP zeker nog niet uitgespeeld is.

Ellende genoeg in Oekraïne, maar ook goed nieuws. Zoals de tweede single He With The Horse’s Head van Hell:On.

“This track is a mystical initiation, a hymn to the unity of the human and animal worlds. One of the key songs for understanding the concept of the whole album”

Once In A Lifetime is het eerste geluid dat bekend wordt van het aankomende album Eternal Snapshots dat op 6 juni uitkomt. En dan heb ik het over de band HFMC waar Hasse Fröberg, bekend van Spellbound en The Flower Kings de centrale rol speelt.

Marooned is opgericht in 2017 en bracht in 2019 een eerste EP uit. Sindsdien verlieten twee leden de band en bleven Lunne en Ward over. Gelukkig stapten bassist Jens en drummer Jason Bernhard (King Hiss, Pablo Honey) in en werd de EP Mission Meditation opgenomen die later dit jaar uitgebracht zal worden. De single Waves is alvast beschikbaar.

Progressieve rock/metal uit Australië kan op mijn waardering rekenen. Goede bands komen er van Down Under. Ook Teramaze mag daartoe gerekend worden. De nieuwe single Step Right Up bevestigt dit.

Dean Wells: “‘Step Right Up’ begins with a mesmerizing melody that swirls like colorful circus tents under a starlit sky. The music carries you into Eli’s world, where the towering big top beckons with promises of wonder and adventure. As Eli steps into the Halo circus, the music crescendos with a sense of anticipation, mirroring his excitement and apprehension.

The progressive elements in the music reflect Eli’s journey within the circus, where each act and performer unveils layers of complexity and mystery. The rhythm builds and shifts like the ebb and flow of the circus crowd, drawing listeners deeper into the enchanting world of Halo.

Amidst the spectacle, Eli discovers a newfound sense of freedom, but beneath the surface, there’s an undercurrent of uncertainty. The music reflects this duality, blending moments of exhilaration with hints of darkness lurking in the shadows.

As Eli delves further into the circus’s inner workings, the music evolves, incorporating intricate melodies and unexpected twists that mirror his journey of self-discovery. With each step, the music propels him forward, urging him to confront the secrets hidden within the Halo circus and ultimately, within himself.

‘Step Right Up’ isn’t just a song—it’s a sonic odyssey that transports listeners into the heart of Eli’s transformative experience, inviting them to join him on a journey of discovery, liberation, and ultimately, redemption.

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