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Genus Ordinis Deï brengt Three Kings uit

door Maurice van der Zalm
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Wanneer ik de naam Genus Ordinis Dei zie verschijnen in mijn mailbox, maakt mijn hart een klein sprongetje. Deze symfonische deathmetalband leverde met Glare Of Deliverance (2020) en The Beginning (2023) twee uitmuntende albums af. Dan is het logisch dat ik de nieuwe single Three Kings goed ga beluisteren.

Zelf zeggen ze over de nieuwe single:

“This symphonic death metal masterpiece beckons listeners into a realm of relentless energy and breathtaking musicality. The song is a tale of betrayal, survival, and redemption. Two kings, each betrayed by those closest to them, fight against the odds to reclaim their thrones. From haunting string arrangements to bombastic brass flourishes, the orchestration enhances the song’s dramatic flair, transporting listeners to epic realms of medieval imagination.

Three Kings heeft alle kenmerkende elementen van het geluid van Genus Ordinis Dei in zich. Het is bombastisch, vol met verrassende wendingen en de zang en samenzang spreekt tot de verbeelding. Pulserende drumritmes en retestrakke riffs zetten de toon voor een prachtig nieuw stuk muziek van dit drietal.

“Since releasing The Beginning in December, we were craving to create something new. We decided to release a single that talks about our band recently coming out of a tough situation, so we want to thank our new drummer Nico who gave a new lifeline to Genus Ordinis Dei. This is our tribute to him, the Prince of None for rescuing two old wounded kings to reclaim their might!” zegt gitarist en producer Tommy Monticelli.

As always working with Steve Saints (director) is like having a night at the pub with your friends, so there’s nothing easier or more chill. This videoclip has a different style compared to our previous ones from The Beginning, and Glare of Deliverance. It’s faster and cryptic, more focused on the overall visual effects than the storytelling. We needed to try something different for once and after watching the final cut we thought this is so cool!”

Drummer Nico Pedrali voegt daaraan toe: “For the first time I played a role in one of our videos and it’s been much more exciting than I expected. I was so hyped and I hope that you can tell that from watching my performance as the “Prince Of None”. Working with Bea (sfx) was so fun, she’s a chill person and a super professional makeup artist, her job is just amazing! For the Makeup we were inspired by Game of Thrones (Nick like poisoned Joffrey!) and The Lord Of The Rings for the Nazgul costume. We mixed it with some blood, smoke and darkness and BOOM! This is something that metalheads will enjoy for sure!”

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