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Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) laat zijn licht schijnen op vier nieuwe nummers

door Maurice van der Zalm
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cover hatebreedWe live in a world and a time where the rules and expectations of our lives are being redefined, and how each one of us handles those changes will determine our success in life. A number of the songs on HATEBREED‘s upcoming album, »The Concrete Confessional«, carry this overall theme, in one way or another.  The band’s lyricist, Jamey Jasta, has been vocal about his personal frustrations that are explored on the new album, and on  this new video clip he discusses the inspirations behind the album’s first four tracks.
According to Jasta, “‘A.D.’ was the track from the get, what we knew was strong, it was fast, it was brutal, it had that quality that you want for the opening track on a album.”  The song comes with the hard message of the destruction of the middle class and the American Dream that we were promised as kids. And what are we going to do about that for the next generation?
With the song ‘Looking Down the Barrel of Today,’ Jasta explains, “The day is either going to control you or you are going to control it. You’re either holding the barrel or you’re getting it pointed at you. I thougt it was a great second track just to keep that flow. Really heavy, really fast, right out of the gate.”
The album’s third song, ‘Seven Enemies,’ is a take on the Seven Deadly Sins that pretty much every religion has in its doctrine.  “A lot of those things lead to destructive lifestyle patters,” Jasta says.  “People gravitate toward their vices and sins and it dooms them…and then that starts affecting the people around them  It’s a short, heavy song, and we know that the pit will erupt when we get it into the set.”
With ‘In The Walls,’ Jasta channels his personal experiences with night paralysis and night terrors, and the fear that one might be losing one’s mind.  “It’s something different for us, but it’s also really a fast, heavy, hardcore track, that reminds me of old-school HATEBREED.”
On HATEBREED‘s upcoming album, »The Concrete Confessional«, (May 13, Nuclear Blast Entertainment), the lyrics grapple with a number of the injustices and frustrations that people are experiencing in today’s society.  Songs such as ‘A.D.,’ ‘Us Against Us,’ and ‘Looking Down the Barrel of Today’ speak to these issues.
“Sometimes it’s not so easy to have a positive mental attitude,” said HATEBREED‘s lyricist Jamey Jasta, “but at the end of the tunnel, there is light.” Hear more of what Jasta has to say about the new album on this video clip: https://youtu.be/QBgZoMTbwPA
Revered for its aggressive and intense music coupled with self-empowering and positive lyrics, HATEBREED recently released ‘Looking Down The Barrel of Today,’ the first music video from their upcoming album.
Directed by David Brodsky (CANNIBAL CORPSE, WHITECHAPEL, ALL THAT REMAINS) the performance piece was shot earlier this month at the band’s rehearsal space in Connecticut.  The video opens with the preface “Welcome to Two Minutes and Forty-Seven Seconds with HATEBREED,” and includes special text throughout that was written by vocalist Jamey Jasta as a message of keeping a positive mental attitude. You can check out the video here:  https://youtu.be/viD6JMRGbbM
Also check out the first trailer in which singer Jamey Jasta talks about the band’s writing and demoing process here: https://youtu.be/1xQPhSCvxK4
HATEBREED recently released the lyric video for the first single, ‘A.D.’, here: https://youtu.be/qCgozwhkV-g
The Grammy nominated Connecticut based juggernaut recently released a clip that features tastes of three of the brand new songs taken from their new album, »The Concrete Confessional« ‘A.D.’, ‘Looking Down The Barrel Of Today’, and ‘The Apex Within’. You can check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eCcttDvp2I

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