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To The Rats And Wolves stopt ermee

door Maurice van der Zalm
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Het laatste album Cheap Love was misschien niet het album waar ik op gehoopt had na Dethroned, maar het zat allemaal wel goed in elkaar. Helaas heeft de band besloten om er een eind aan te maken.
“There is no right or wrong way to explain this decision but we’ll try to do so in respect and thankfulness to all the people who have supported us. This band was a monumental part of our lives for the past seven years and shaped us as human beings, musicians, entertainers and artists; but also cost us a lot of effort, time, money, blood, sweat and tears.
We traveled the world, partied a lot and gave all we had, in order to live this dream and keep it alive. However things change and an affectionate hobby and passion turns into stress and frustrating work which fraught our daily routine. This is unfair towards our fans and people who have supported us, as well as ourselves.
Sometimes you have to close a chapter so that you can start a new one.
At this point we want to thank a lot of people:
First we want to thank all the fans which supported us from the start, along our journey. WITHOUT YOU this would have been impossible.
Our crew which helped us to shine on stage. Thank you for your hard work and the wild nights and antics.
Thanks to all the bands which shared the stage with us and paved our way to the top!
We lay this band to rest in January 2020 with our farewell tour. We hope that we’ll have a memorable time together and can come to a notable end.
All further information about the farewell tour will be shared soon!
Stay young.used.wasted.
To The Rats and Wolves
2012-2019“ –

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