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Video Disintegrate van Hark exclusief bij Rockportaal

door Maurice van der Zalm
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Op de site Never Mind The Hype werd eind november de eerste track Fortune Favours The Insane gelanceerd. Een nummer dat afkomstig is van het nieuwe album Machinations van de sludge-geïnjecteerde band Hark.
Het debuutalbum Chrystalline werd in 2014 lovend ontvangen. Dat kwam vooral door het steamy-sludge-stonerkarakter dat de band neerzet. Het verbaast ook niemand dat Hark heeft getourd met bands als Clutch, Red Fang en Prong.
De band rond Jimbob Isaac presenteert nu exclusief bij Rockportaal de nieuwe single van het album Machinations.: Disintegrate.
Jimbob Isaac’s soaring and gritty lead vocals convey the existential angst of living in the media saturated and economically unstable climate from which ‘Machinations’ was born. His fragmented and deeply subconscious lyrical flow, talks of abstracted emotions, spiritual disintegration, toxic encounters, psychic endeavours, and technological overload. Isaac’s complex prose is woven into a sonic tapestry created by he and his band mates that will make heavy rock listeners stand to attention.
Isaac also envelopes this record with his distinctive artwork, creating a pen and ink space-scape, an all-enveloping world of machinated beauty and a fine line near-future. Truly anchoring and expanding the HARK universe in all its pointillised, detailed splendour.
Statement by Jimbob: “Disintegrate is a multi-layered response to odorous people and insidious systems, who aim to destroy you in everyday life. This was the first song that Joe (Harvatt) put his lead guitar work to, during the writing of ‘Machinations’ and he melted my mind with his skills. This is some of my favourite lead guitar of all time, seriously.


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