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Video's van Delayed Departure, White Stones, Leprous, Words Of Farewell, Rivers Of Nihil en Jerry Cantrell

door Maurice van der Zalm
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Regen? Geen probleem. Dan gaan we toch gewoon wat lekkere video’s kijken, waarmee de regengoden wel óf meeluisteren óf verdwijnen.
Delayed Departure
Op de nieuwe single No Room For Us wordt Delayed Departure bijgestaan door Ellie Price. Het is de opvolger van de single Haunting Me en hiermee blaast de band een frisse wind door het posthardcore/rockgenre.

Words Of Farewell
Van het label Seek And Strike (waar Orbit Culture ook onder valt) komt het Duitse Words Of Farewell met de nieuwe single Born Of Sleep.
“This new track is a blend of all things Words Of Farewell and a bit more. We’ve experimented with a little more clean vocals for a while now and this time around we decided it would be implemented as a major feature in the song, which is just another step forward in our constant evolution. Nonetheless, the rest of the song is a blend of melodic death metal that the fans have come to know and love from us.
“Ultimately, the music video is a testament to our passion for the music we perform and to our will to get back on stage in front of the fans across the world,” continue the band. “We feel it captures the pure essence of the band’s live intensity and it’s exciting to finally get it out there to the masses. We hope you enjoy it and we’ll be seeing you all soon.”
Over het tekenen bij Seek And Strike zegt de band:“We are absolutely excited to have signed with Seek and Strike! We feel like we have now found a label that really understands what we are doing and is as amped as we are. With the modern direction of their musical rooster, we think we fit right in and will be able to present our work to a wider audience so everyone can get their share of melodic death metal goodness.”

Rivers Of Nihil

Jerry Cantrell
Velen zullen Jerry Cantrell kennen als oprichter en gitarist van Alice In Chains. Hij komt nu met zijn eerste single Atone dat afkomstig is van zijn album Brighten.
Jon Blistein van Rolling Stone zei erover: “Atone” is a heavy track, although it’s undergirded by a sinister twang while the guitar riffs hit with grit and menace, as well as a bit of psychedelic unease. “Running out of time,” Cantrell wails right before the hook, “Gotta find a way to atone/Gotta find a way to atone/Trying to find a way to atone”.
Jerry: “As a fan of Ennio Morricone scores and Sergio Leone movies, it’s got a bit of that outlaw vibe, with a cool psycho hillbilly stomp” he explains “It’s been kicking around in my head for like 20-plus years, haunting me. Sometimes it takes a while for a good idea to find its best form. Such was the case with Atone”.
“I’ve been in the band for almost 34 years now. It’s always my first and foremost commitment, but it’s nice to explore different things and add another chapter to a growing body of work. After the last AIC tour wrapped, I geared my mind towards the possibility of making another record of my own”. “It was fun to play tunes I hadn’t performed in years from Boggy Depot and Degradation Trip. Tyler Bates not only introduced me to a lot of cool players, he also helped me put the band together for the shows, and performed with me”.
“It was like an old school seventies record where a multitude of musicians played” smiles Cantrell “So it’s not a set band. I got to make music with a bunch of people I never had before, along with friends like Duff, Tyler and Gil who I’ve worked with previously”.

White Stones
27 augustus zal White Stones, de band van Opethbassist Martin Mendez, het album Dancing Into Oblivion uitbrengen. Het is de opvolger van het debuut Kuarahy. Lag de deathmetal ten grondslag aan het vorige album. Op het komende album heeft Martin Mendez de muzikale grenzen nog meer opgezocht met meer extremen en zelfs wat jazzinvloeden. De nieuwe single New Age Of Dark is van een video voorzien.

Ook het Noorse Leprous zal op 27 augustus een nieuw album uitbrengen. De titel is Aphelion en komt uit via InsideOut  Music. Vandaag is de nieuwe single The Silent Revelation uitgebracht.
Aphelion volgt het album Pitfalls op en is het afgelopen jaar in maar liefst drie studio’s opgenomen: Ghost Ward Studios in Sweden, Ocean Sound Recordings in Norway and Cederberg Studios in Norway
Op 3 december staat er een optreden van Leprous in Doornroosje (Nijmegen) gepland. Het duurt daarna tot 22 juni 2022 totdat je de band live in Nederland op het Midsummer Prog Festival in Valkenburg kunt zien.


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