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Angelus Apatrida kondigt nieuw album aan en zet documentaire online

door Maurice van der Zalm
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De Spaanse thrashers van Angelus Apatrida is momenteel op tour door Noord-Amerika en komen met het nieuws dat ze klaar zijn met het achtste album Aftermath dat in oktober uitkomt via Century Media Records.

Angelus Apatrida zegt over het nieuwe album:

We did it again! We knew ‘Angelus Apatrida’ was a hard nut and something very difficult to overcome but I can affirm that our new album has all the best songs we’ve ever created, mixing every single essence of what we are. There is speed, aggressive riffs, crazy growls, high vocals, insane solos, incredibly fast and deep drums, clean guitars, amazing guest appearances and even a ballad… yes, another ballad! This album is what METAL means to us! Can’t wait you to check this new music, you’ll love it!”

In de tussentijd kun je ook nog eens genieten van een interessante documentaire getiteld “28 Months Later: A Post-Apocalyptic Metal Documentary”, dat gaat over de voorbereidingen van het laatste album, de tijd in de pandemie en de weg naar de nieuwe release.

Gitarist/Vocalist Guillermo Izquierdo :

When we confirmed the last shows of the ‘Indoctrinate World Tour’ I came to Mike with the idea of doing something bigger than all the works we were doing during the last months: To tell in first person how the situation went from a global pandemic disaster to a global music success, all around the making and release of ‘Angelus Apatrida’. Our first documentary is made with a lot of respect and love for our jobs and music itself, and it’s a way to say a big THANK YOU to every single person in the world who one way or another helped us to survive these chaotic times and stay stronger than ever.”

Je kunt de band deze zomer treffen op het Alcatraz metalfestival in Kortrijk.

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