Cemetery Skyline, Wolves Don’t Sleep en Resolve komen met nieuwe video’s

Cemetery Skyline

De toetsenist van Amorphis heeft samen met een aantal leden van The Halo Effect, Insomnium en Dimmu Borgir, het project Cemetery Skyline opgericht. De debuutsingle is nu verkrijgbaar.

”The weather forecast points to a Nordic gothic storm that is rising”,zegt Markus Vanhala (guitar). “The song mood is highly inspired by the late nightly empty roads of Goth-emburg and their desperate stories of loneliness and getting lost to the unique beautiful misery and sorrow of Nordic gothic.”

Mikael Stanne (vocals) : “It’s about a built-up frustration and how it can get out of hand, the feeling of helplessness and how it can take over.”

Santeri Kallio (keyboards) : “It’s a simple, rocky song that represents the band perfectly.”

“The video is telling the story of how this weird gang of friends is literally coming together”, says Vanhala and Kallio adds: ”We take a walk through an old cemetery and actually meet as a band for the very first time.”

Wolves Don’t Sleep

Wolves Don’t Sleep komt uit Nottingham (tevens thuisbasis van The Five Hundred) en spelen metalcore met een aantrekkelijk karakter. De band heeft de video bij House Of Glass online gezet. Het is de single die voortkomt uit de EP Fears & Fractures die op 3 mei uitgebracht zal worden.

“We’ve been a band for some time and have been in bands since we were teenagers and we’ve seen our fair share of bands come and go. The theme of this song is about learning to stay true to yourself, all the while thinking how long someone can keep going before it’s no longer worthwhile.”

Wolves Don’t Sleep hebben reeds hun sporen verdiend op menig UK festival zoals MacMillan Fest en Mangata Fest en stonden op hetzelfde podium als Ingested en Our Hollow Our Home.


Resolve heeft de live-video The Fire, The Aftermath, The Everlasting online gezet. Het geeft een glimp van wat je kunt verwachten wanneer de band het podium beklimt tijdens de komende Europese tour van de band.

Bassist Robin Mariat:

“We’ve always loved doing these sorts of live sessions. But this time, we’ve turned it up to eleven with the production and cinematographic ambition. We’re telling a story without words which was quite a challenge, but also very rewarding.
“We also chose to play deeper cuts from our album
Human, to showcase the diversity of the record and a more melodic sensitivity that oftentimes have to be compromised on during an album roll-out as a metal band.
“This video is also a taster of what the fans can expect from our first ever full European headline tour – overall a very bold and visually stunning show which we can’t wait to perform.”

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