We blijven even in de nu-metalhoek met de nieuwkomers van Heriot die vandaag eveneens hun nieuwe single Dispirit uitbrengen via Church Road Records. Heriot is met het uitbrengen van de singles Recreant en Cleansed Existence en het tekenen bij het label hard bezig om zichzelf naar de top te spelen. Door Revolver werd de band al “one of the most promising young bands in modern metalcore” genoemd.

Heriot: “With each single we’ve released so far we’ve constantly pushed ourselves, working on exploring new elements to drive our sound and ‘Dispirit’ is no exception. Lyrically, the track speaks of how having a highly regarded status can be manipulated and abused, allowing them to appear to live two lives. This is a topic that rings true with all of us, if it’s not something you’ve come across personally, it is something you can agree is evident and all around us in some way. Only when the abuser is exposed, do they face justice – “Deceiver, It’s too late for cowards truth.” This song is a call straight to the manipulator.”