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Je hebt de video's van o.m. Distant, My Soliloquy, Devin Townsend en All Things Fallen toch niet gemist?

door Maurice van der Zalm
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Het gaat het Nederlandse Distant aardig voor de wind. Ze hebben onderdak bij Century Media Record, spelen half november in het voorprogramma van Decapitated en Despised Icon en zijn toegevoegd aan de line-up van Jera On Air 2023. Twee weken geleden hebben ze de video bij Human Scum online gezet. Huiver, luister en geniet.


Het album Ethical Dilemma dat begin dit jaar uitkwam via Symmetric Records is het gevolg van de samenwerking tussen Billy Vass en Bob Katsionis. Het idee ontstond om een solo0-album voor Vass te maken maar uiteindelijk bleek het maken van het progressieve metalalbum niet mogelijk zonder dat Bob Katsionis mee zou werken. Voor de single I Walk Alone is nu een lyricvideo gemaakt.

Apeiron Bound

Apeiron Bound bracht in augustus het album Multiplicity uit via Layered Reality Productions. Van het album is Absent Familiarity van een video voorzien. Een single waarop Joshua Corum (Head With Wings) te horen is.

“Absent Familiarity” is a tale that explores themes of narcissism and the delusions of granduer through the protagonist. As the story progresses, you see them commit a series of actions that go from using others for their personal gain to flaunting their ego in a way that hurts their relationships. At some point, the protagonist goes through a crossroads led by their choices. This is the story of a person that chooses to unapologetically maintain that toxicity.

My Soliloquy

Met Fu3ion bracht My Soliloquy een lekker album uit. De eerste twee singles zijn van een video voorzien.

Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend staat op het punt om het album Lightwork uit te brengen op 4 november. Voor de single Lightworker is nu een video.

Devin Townsend zegt erover: “Hey folks 🙂 track three from Lightwork is now up to bat… and this one is called “Lightworker” (ta da!).  This album is interesting to me in many ways, but mostly because of how unexpected it was. I’ve been doing interviews and there’s a lot of folks who are surprised at how it turned out, somehow they were expecting brutal music from me or something (frankly, I couldn’t imagine having the energy to go down that road after that last few years, but I can understand the desire for it) it’s just that Lightwork and The Puzzle were both completely unexpected for me, but as I am committed to following where it leads, I simply went as far into them both as I was able.

I just follow the creative flow where it leads, and I’m quite happy with that. To be honest, having started writing again it seems like it was a unique moment in time for me, so I hope you can see it for what it is and appreciate the energy for what it was meant to be.

Lightworker is a song based loosely around Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) who died a few years ago. His book ‘Be Here Now’ was influential to me as a kid, and when I saw the documentary they made about him on Netflix (Going Home) I felt inspired to write a track in his memory. I reached out to the Ram Dass foundation and they allowed me to use the sample of his voice in the mid section. (Thank you 🙂

The video was made by the same team who did Spirits Will Collide, and they yet again pulled off a huge feat in limited time (Thanks guys 🙂 I wanted a story about a guy who is so attached to his past, and the pain of loss, that any time the ‘monsters’ of his past appear, he runs from it. As a result, he has to live the same dramas over and over again. It’s not until he stands and faces his fear that he can move past it. In this case he can help others by facing the monster and then Finally rest.

I hope you enjoy it, and I really appreciate the support. I hope your week is good, and I hope to see you at the Lightwork Streaming event on November 5th 🙂

Be well my friends,

Silence Is Spoken

A Good God is afkomstig van het album 11 dat gepland staat voor 11 november. De band is heen hardrock/metal/crossoverband dat opgericht is in Londen maar nu vanuit Florence opereert. De invloeden komen vooral van bands als Alice In Chains, Tool, Soundgarden en Pink Floyd.

Pomegranate Tiger

Voor het eerst in zeven jaar komt Pomegranate Tiger met nieuw werk met de single The Cryptographer. Een unieke, audio en visuele kunstervaring.

Pomegranate Tiger : “I’m super stoked to bring Pomegranate Tiger back to life after 7 years…It’s been a long a wait but hopefully everybody enjoys the new song and video. I really wanted to lean into focusing this composition on the dance between rhythmic synchronization and syncopation between the drums and guitar. This frantic sonic motion between the instrumentals embodies that same spirit simulating the frantic pace of technological innovation in the last 10 years that brought us Artificial Intelligence. I hope you all dig the new track!”

All Things Fallen

Het album Shadow Way van All Things Fallen kwam deze zomer uit. We schreven er toen het volgende over:

Shadow Way is mijn kennismaking met All Things Fallen en ik moet zeggen dat het uitstekend is bevallen. In eerste instantie lijkt het album door de schijnbare eenvoud misschien wat gemakkelijk en oppervlakkig, maar na meerdere luisterbeurten neemt de muziek van All Things Fallen je toch mee en laat je niet meer los. Uitstekend album.

De lyricvideo voor de compositie Path Of Dismay is nu beschikbaar.

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