Langzaam aan wordt het geluid van Five Finger Death Punch op het nieuwe album duidelijk. Het nieuwe album And Justice For None komt op 18 maart uit en vandaag is de video van Sham Pain online gezet door de band nadat eerder deze maand al de lyricvideo van When The Seasons Change werd gepresenteerd.

“’Sham Pain’ is a lyrical snapshot of probably the most chaotic, yet the biggest year of our career” says guitarist ZOLTAN BATHORY “So far we’ve come out of every bear attack relatively un-scraped, and the band is tighter than ever. Life is not so difficult if you don’t take yourself sooo seriously. As long as you can find the humor in everything you are winning and the winning is strong with this video, as it follows the footsteps of our NOscar winning masterpiece ‘Jekyll and Hyde.’ It was a simple process: We lit the set on fire and then made our poor director Rob Anderson’s artistic sense into a piñata. Whatever he could salvage became the music video”.