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Nog een paar video’s van Soilwork, Parasite Inc., Machine Head en Behemoth

door Maurice van der Zalm
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Het nieuwe album :Overgivenheten ligt op 19 augustus in de winkel.

“‘Nous Sommes la Guerre’ evolved around a “fight or flight” theme. The song is about internal struggles and confronting your own worst sides. It’s a cry for help in defeating the darkness inside of you and move towards a brighter path.”

Over het artwork van de single wordt gezegd:

“The idea is to peel the skin of the narrator to reveal the individual layers and see what makes the individual. All the scarred and murky sides being laid bare the deeper you dig. Crying golden blood because there are no more tears. It is a person soul searching to find answers and exposing themselves to ask for help. My interpretation of the lyrics is intricately connected to being lost and realizing, that you must build yourself up anew and that you cannot do it alone”.

Parasite Inc

Het nieuwe album van de Duitse melodische deathmetalband Parasite Inc. heet Cyan Night Dreams. De tweede single is nu beschikbaar.

De band: “As the centerpiece of the album, “Cyan Night Dreams” is one of the songs whose stylistic elements have long been hidden beneath the surface of PARASITE INC. and now, for the first time, are given their own place in the sound structure. The title track shows a new approach to our songwriting and at the same time is still unmistakably PARASITE INC. 
After our first single “I am” was the fast and furious entry into the album, “Cyan Night Dreams” now makes it clear what musical range the listener can expect on the new disc.”

Machine Head

26 augustus komt Machine Head met het tiende album Of Kingdom And Crown via Nuclear Blast Records. Er is nu een video geschoten van Unhallowed.

“Drowning in the deepest depression of his life, Eros is at a breaking point. Collecting heartaches, loss, and near psychotic isolation, “Unhallowed” is the beginning of a powerful shift of our story. An introspective narrative starts the song lyrically, which is a collaborative effort written by myself, Guitarist Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka, and Bassist/Backing Vocalist Jared MacEachern and encapsulates the collective strength of this writing team.

“Anchored by an absolutely monstrous groove, the vocals melodically mirror the state of mind of Eros as he reels from the loss of his mother to a drug overdose and begins a slow downward spiral into madness. However, the culmination of the track infuses some much-needed light, but will it be enough?”


Vorige week zette Behemoth de video van de nieuwe single Off To War al online, afkomstig van het nieuwe en twaalfde album Opvs Contra Natvram.

Frontman Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski zegt over de nieuwe single:“Militant times bring militant music… we’re increasing the tempo with our new single, ‘Off To War!‘ – one of my personal favourites from the new record. This song has a killer punk section, one of the greatest BEHEMOTH leads of all time, and a nice extreme metal twist at the end. A true sonic tornado in times of confrontation, enjoy it legions!!”

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