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Soilwork, Spoil Engine, Ice Nine Kills en Dawn Of Disease

door Maurice van der Zalm
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Zo, het is vrijdag en tijd voor het weekend. We hebben vier nieuwe video’s voor je.
Ice Nine Kills
De video van Ice Nine Kills is niet meer dan een audiotrack. Maar zo een week voor Halloween mag de cover van Thriller niet missen.

Dawn Of Disease
Bij Napalm Records zal op 1 november het vijfde album van Dawn Of Disease uitgebracht worden. Procession Of Ghosts is wel pas het derde bij de familie van Napalm. Op het album een aantal melodische deathmetalcomposities gevoed door een fikse dosis energie. Voor de compositie Where The Clouds Reach The Ground is een video gemaakt.
“With “Where The Clouds Reach The Ground” we would like to introduce you to the epic and melancholic side of our forthcoming album Procession of Ghosts. This song carries a lot of emotional energy and will surely affect you from the very first second. Inspired by the gloominess of autumn and winter “Where The Clouds Reach The Ground” is the right companion for the current season. Supported by an obscure and atmospheric video, which was shot and directed by Tuomas Saukkonen (Wolfheart, Dawn of Solace), the track shows us in a metaphoric way the hidden sides of ourselves. Join us on our journey through the dark to the place where the clouds reach the ground!”

Spoil Engine
Na RIOT! komt het Belgisch/Nederlandse modernmetal Spoil Engine met een video bij de compositie The Hallow dat te vinden is op het aankomende album Renaissance Noire dat 15 november uitgebracht wordt. De band die tegenwoordig nog maar uit drie man én één vrouw bestaat, krijgt in The Hallow hulp van Jeff Walker (Carcass)
SPOIL ENGINE: “We’re so proud & humble to have Carcass legend Jeff Walker on this track. The vocal blend of Iris and Jeff is pure grinding gold!”

Terwijl Spoil Engine gebruik maakt van Jeff Walker is het een kleine stap naar Alissa White-Gluz, die al eerder op het laatste album Verkligheten van Soilwork haar bijdrage leverde. De band heeft bij Feverish een bijzondere video geschoten.
“We have all been feverish. We have all sometimes given in to the temperature rising inside of us, being ridden by a ghost that made us do things we didn’t want to do, but it somehow felt good afterwards, like a purging of the mortal organism that confines us.
Some people say that our bodies were originally designed to have a higher temperature. That when humanity first evolved our bodies were constantly feverish, the warmth subduing our control mechanisms and the neuroutic, nervous behaviour we seem to be so prone to these days. And that might be one of the reasons we were able to proliferate and conquer the world. and subdue its natural inhabitants.  Perhaps it’s time to let go again, to unleash the fire still burning within us, biding its time and still hoping to one day be able to take over?
SOILWORK, the metal band that should all be dead by now, have felt their temperature rising for a while, Some say that they’ve even become a bit reckless. There’s even been a quote from one of the band members saying, on tape, ”F**k the consequenses”, and when asked to elaborate, he just said ”I’m feverish”, and disappeared.
So, while the background and and motives are a bit sketchy, and the band seems reluctant to reveal too many details, SOILWORK will be releasing »The Feverish Trinity«over the next five months, a trilogy of songs with accompanying videos that, according to Soilwork, will ”celebrate the Babylonian Death Goddesses that once made the world a more Feverish and exciting place”.  

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