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Genus Ordinis Dei maakt met 10e video het visuele verhaal compleet

door Maurice van der Zalm
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Sinds de release van het album Glare Of Deliverance hebben we je continu op de hoogte gehouden van het verhaal rond Eleanor met de bijbehorende video’s die de uitstekende muziek op het album visueel ondersteunen. Genus Ordinis Dei heeft nu de tiende en laatste video bij Fire online gezet, waarmee het verhaal van Eleanor afgesloten kan worden.
“In this episode Eleanor meets her destiny. She is brought to the pyre where The Bishop, The Inquisitor, The Screamer, The Torturer, and The Executioner are waiting for her. She is burned on the pyre, along with The Heart of Stone she received from The Fallen. As she dies, the ritual is fulfilled and the Gates of Hell are opened… The Fallen and his army can now march upon the sky! ”
“This is the final episode, the end of a journey that has kept us busy for almost 2 years! It has been an amazing experience; difficult and weird but extremely satisfying too. Not just because it’s a great piece of work, but also because I did it with my brothers: Nick, Steven, and Richard. We met a lot of great people in the process, and we want to say thank you to all of them from the deep of our hearts and souls, especially our crowd-funders who helped make it all possible” zegt gitarist Tommy. “Shooting in the darkness at nighttime was yet another new experience for us, but it all turned out great. Getting the shots of Eleanor and her captors in the dark as she danced with the huge flames were difficult, but it all worked out. We want to thank everyone at Wild Horses Ranch in Verdello for providing the comfort, space, and assistance to get all the shots we needed.”
Zanger Nick Key voegt daaraan toe: “we want to thank everyone who has been following Eleanor’s adventure, everybody that has supported our crazy project, and everybody who will do so in the future. Of course, this is not the end, because a new journey is about to begin…”
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