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Machine Head is 'terug' met nieuwe single

door Maurice van der Zalm
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Waar Robb Flynn de afgelopen jaren mee bezig is geweest, is mij een beetje een raadsel, maar langzamerhand lijkt het erop dat hij zijn draai weer heeft gevonden. Met Circle The Drain kwam hij begin dit jaar mooi ‘terug’ en vandaag is de nieuwe single My Hands Are Empty, vergezeld van een schitterende video, uitgekomen. My Hands Are Empty is tevens het moment waarop Robb Flynn en gitarist Logan Mader voor het eerst in 24 jaar weer samenwerken.
Het resultaat mag er weer zijn. Alle aspecten van het vertrouwde Machine Headgeluid is aanwezig op de nieuwe single. Innemende zang, scheurende gitaarriffs en het brute stemgeluid van Robb Flynn.
Gitarist/zanger Robb Flynn: “I have some family members who have beaten their opioid addiction, and have some still in the throes of addiction. It is painful to watch, and I deal with it with great difficulty.  It is a song of sadness, but there is hope as well.  I have beaten my own drug addictions and we can fight through this, together, and share our pain with the world.”
“Musically I wanted to go for a bit of a “Through The Ashes OF Empires” vibe, and it had a grandiose vibe from the beginning, something about that vocal melody haunted me day and night. I sent it off to one of our collaborators Joel Wanasek, and he came back with a whole depth and dimension with strings and keys that really made the song come alive. I added the guitar harmony in the chorus soon after and I knew we were on to something special. On the recent “Burn My Eyes 25th Anniversary Tour” I mentioned to Logan about needing a riff or two for a new song, he was excited to collaborate, I sent him the song and the next day he sent me back the heavy riff in the bridge and I was floored. It fit perfectly, and felt really cool to be writing together 24 years later.  Jared came up with the rhythm under the lead section and the song really locked into place.”
Logan Mader voegt daaraan toe “During pre-pro for the BME anniversary tour last year, I had a special opportunity to collaborate with Machine Head for the first time in over 20 years. This is a big milestone for me, to circle back on a massive orbit around life and end up doing new music with MH is epic and unexpected. The song, “My Hands Are Empty” was almost completed but needed a riff or two. Robb sent it to me, so I jumped in and added a section which ended up in the master after some arrangement tweaks by Robb. The song is amazing. It was a great feeling to be in the studio with Robb after all these years and I hope to do it again!”


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