Theocracy tekent deal bij Atomic Fire Records

(foto Ron Carson jr.)

Na jaren ondergebracht te zijn bij Ulterium Records heeft het Amerikaanse Theocracy nu een deal getekend met Atomic Fire Records. Een belangrijke stap voor deze band die naar mijn idee vier meesterwerken op de markt heeft gebracht sinds de oprichting in 2022. Het heeft ervoor gezorgd dat Theocracy (los van hun christelijke boodschap die ze uitdragen) een royale fanbase heeft opgebouwd wereldwijd. De band bestaat anno 2023 uit Matt Smith (zang), Ernie Topran (drums), Jared Oldham (bas), Jonathan Hinds (gitaar) en Taylor Washington (gitaar),

Zanger Matt Smith : “We are thrilled to be members of the Atomic Fire Records family. From our first meeting, it was obvious that they’ve loved and supported our music for many years, long before there was a possibility we might work together. This personal touch was very important to us, and combined with their impressive roster featuring some of our favourite bands, we are so excited to work together for this new album release and beyond!

Markjus Wosgien van Atomic Fire Records reageert enthousiast: “We’re more than happy to welcome THEOCRACY to the Atomic Fire Records family! With their latest album »Ghost Ship,« the band created a milestone in power/progressive metal history and I remember very well that I had the CD on endless rotation in my car for several years – and it keeps blowing me away. It’s just one of those records which you’d pick for a trip to a lonely island, it’s an album that recalls why one has become a metalhead: Because such tunes make addicted, one needs to sing along to them, and they fulfill our hearts. With their upcoming new album, THEOCRACY have taken it all another step further and have reached a new level, without repeating themselves but with adding more diversity to their sound. The world stands in awe of an album full of hymns, beauty and pure magic once again.

“It’s my life’s work,” zegt Matt Smith. “All I wanted to do since I was a kid was writing songs, so THEOCRACY existed in my mind for many years before the first album. It’s the vehicle that has taken me all around the world and allowed me to exceed my wildest dreams by getting my songs out, and I am so thankful.”

En er is goed nieuws, want het vijfde album zal later dit jaar verschijnen.

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