Metalcore uit Turkije was ik geloof ik nog niet tegen gekomen. Met Grapes In The Mouth is daar verandering in gekomen. Met We Are  Nothing deelt deze Turkse band hun eerste single dat afkomstig is van hun debuutalbum dt op 27 september via Hostile Media uit zal komen.

“We shot the video in very old leather shoe factory and in Ddos studio,” legt zanger Barkın Ege Tekkökoğlu uit. “We embraced a DIY mentality and designed every little detail of every scene and the mechanisms in a sketchbook before constructing the final cut.”

Behalve dat de video verhaalt over een corrupte relatie ligt er ook een politieke maatschappelijke boodschap in de video met daarin de vrijheid van meningsuiting in thuisland Turkije.

Inspired by Friedrich Nietszche’s quote, “To live is to suffer to survive is to find some meaning in suffering.” Without giving too much away, the videoclip is a metaphor… “it shows a corrupt relationship, and the woman starring ends her suffering while she’s breaking a mirror, in the process saving a little girl (representing the woman’s childhood) from the chains of the system (represented by the white hand). We’re fighting for something in this video, we’re fighting to sit in that chair. There’s a gun aimed at that chair and the system holds the trigger. The candle seen is also significant because a candle brings light to it’s surrounding but always kills itself in the end. This metaphor comes from Turkey’s enlightened people. They tried to tell us the truth but it cost their lives and nobody did anything to their murderers. Seeing, knowing and accepting this while you’re a kid… That candle is their soul, haunting us. It’s so sharp and so annoying… because they’re forgotten by majority. Forgetting them will have a cost!”