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Nieuwe video's van Charcoalcity, Unleash The Archers, La Fin en Stevie Nicks

door Maurice van der Zalm
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In 2016 zorgde het album Greyscale van het Belgische Charcoalcity ervoor dat ik mijn meest onorthodoxe review schreef in mijn eigen geschiedenis. Na vier jaar komt de band met een nieuw album dat enige vertraging oploopt, maar waarvan ze zeggen dat het tegen het eind van het jaar beschikbaar is. De heren hebben alvast, met oude fragmenten, een video gemaakt bij de single Mechanical Spine.

Unleash The Archers
Onze reviewer Jochem plaatste een goede review over het laatste album Abyss van Unleash The Archers en wist frontvrouw Brittney Slayes ook nog eens te verleiden tot een interview. De band heeft nu bij de single Legacy een video online gezet.
Brittney Slayes“This song means a lot to us as a band, it’s pretty different from everything that we’ve done before and really set the tone for the sonic exploration that is Abyss. When Andrew first brought the intro riff to us we immediately loved it, but we were a little hesitant as we felt our fans might not understand why we were choosing to include this style of track on the album. The hesitation was momentary though, as we all very quickly decided it was too cool not to continue writing, and luckily it seems like our fans have fallen in love with it as well. It’s quite theatrical, and yet somehow very simplistic as well. “
Over de video vertelt zij verder: “When it came time to choose the next song for a music video, “Legacy” was the resounding winner, but we wanted to do something a bit more than the traditional lyric video. The band all agreed that this is the kind of track that you put on when you’re commuting, when you’re wandering through the city just vibin’, when you’re on that long bus ride or skytrain ride staring out the window at the world passing by… So that’s what this video is. It’s you hanging out in our heads as we walk the streets of Vancouver, traveling towards something, or away from something, but always moving forward. We hope “Legacy” can be your soundtrack to those everyday moments in life, when you’ve finally put the phone away to really look around and enjoy the beauty of the world that surrounds you. We genuinely hope it can be a small light in this seemingly never ending darkness, even just for a moment.”

La Fin
In 2016 brachte het Italiaanse La Fin de EP Empire Of Nothing uit. Dit kreeg afgelopen week een vervolg met het album The Endless Inertia.
Om kennis te maken met de band raad ik je aan om de video bij het prachtige Inertia te bekijken.

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks brengt voor het eerst in zes jaar nieuwe muziek uit met Show Them The Way. De single is een zeer persoonlijke compositie van deze wereldberoemde zangeres. Begonnen als een gedicht is het uitgegroeid tot een sterke compositie. Stevie Nicks wil er het volgende over kwijt:

“The year was 2008… I was in St Charles, Illinois. It was cold, snowing~ and it was winter~ February. I was there to edit a concert film. It’s like making a record.  You go to the studio everyday~ come home~ sit down with your dog – and turn on the tv.  It was the Democratic Primaries.  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were fighting over who would be the candidate for President.  I started watching the documentaries being aired from the late 50’s up to the present.  Mostly the fight for civil rights – The dreams of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Bobby Kennedy and John Lewis ~ and all the hidden figures that surrounded them.  I was hypnotized.  This went on for two months.
One night I had a dream. A dream that was so real that I was pretty sure it had happened. It was a cinematic story. It had a beginning, a middle and an end.  Every detail, every color, every smile ~ was there.  I started writing the story the moment my eyes opened.
I was invited to a party~ to play piano and sing a few songs. It was a benefit.  There were political people there. It felt~ really important. I was just the piano player, the voice, part of their dream.
I wrote the poem the next day~ and the music the day after that. I never recorded it until now. I felt that this was its time, its reason. I understood what it meant then and what it means now~ Please God, show them the way~ Please God, on this day. Spirits all, give them the strength. Peace can come if you really want it. I think we’re just in time to save it.
I hope that this song and its words will be seen as a prayer ~ a prayer for our country ~ a prayer for our world.
I love you always,
Stevie Nicks

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