“It’s the ultimate ragga-rocking, dancehall-shaking, dutty-winding, head-banging, horn-waving creation… yes party people the ’Dreds dem back!” Benji Webbe, Skindred

Terwijl ze op pad zijn met Volbeat lanceert Skindred de nieuwe single Gimme That Boom. Volgend jaar viert de band hun 25 jarig bestaan en dat wordt gevierd met het nieuwe alum Smile, het achtste album alweer en het eerste album voor Earache Records.

Benji: “I was out shopping one day and I could hear someone building up asking me for a picture,” the eye-catching frontman recalls. “The person didn’t care who I was with or what I was doing – they just wanted their picture. In this day and age, people want you and they expect to get you on tap, constantly giving you that ‘boom’ so they can get their Instagram Likes up. It’s important to remember that people can’t give you that ‘boom’ all the time. People think because they follow you on social media, they own you.”