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Sharptooth's nieuwe single “Mean Brain” nu uit via Pure Noise Records

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Sharptooth haalde in 2017 mijn eindejaarslijst met hun snoeiharde hardcoreplaat Clever Girl. Nu zijn ze terug en brengen ze hun gloednieuwe single Mean Brain uit.
Frontvrouw Lauren Kashan zingt over dat ene vervelende stemmetje in je hoofd dat je steeds onderuit haalt, je naar beneden praat met psychologiche trucjes en keiharde kritiek. Als Sharptooth zulke scherpe teksten blijft combineren met keiharde hardcore-riffs dan staat de wereld voor hen open.
Lauren Kashan zegt het volgende over de nieuwe single:
“I think everyone, particularly those of us with mental illness, can relate to the experience of beating ourselves up, and getting stuck in those negative thought patterns. They’re a blend of our deepest fears in the hands of our harshest inner critic, and when left unchecked can lead to seriously painful self-loathing and a distorted view of our place in the world. But we are not our thoughts or our feelings. They are part of our experience, but they don’t have to define us. For me, the first step to finding compassion for myself was to acknowledge those negative thought patterns for what they are; not facts, just my brain being mean to me. I’m incredibly stoked to share new music; I think we’re long overdue to get to broadcast our evolution to the world. For me, the vocals on ‘Mean Brain’ are some of my favorite that I’ve ever recorded; I loved getting to experiment with my range. It’s also a nice little “fuck you” to anyone out there who thinks “all female vocalists sound the same”; I barely sound the same from the beginning to the end of this song. So they can kiss my perfect ass”.
Beluister de single hier via Spotify.
Check hier de clip:

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